Housing Shortage pushing up Property Prices

A recent report by the RICS has suggested that a shortage of homes is pushing house prices higher in many parts of the country.  The number of houses coming up for sale across the UK during January was at its lowest level since July 2012 despite rising numbers of potential buyers.  There is a shortage of homes to satisfy this demand with the inevitable result being rising prices; a trend likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

The pent up demand for houses across England is estimated to be as high as 350,000 households, and so the issue of supply is likely to continue apace. With economic, property and demographic factors, this pressure is not just limited to London and the South East, with the blend of factors giving many areas capacity for growth.

Goldcrest are seeing a large number of development enquiries currently, and we are looking to grow this area of the business to assist those developers who can see the opportunities but continue to be frustrated by the development finance market.  We will consider developments throughout the UK and will also consider JV deals of up to 100% of purchase and development costs.

Update published on February 20, 2014